The idea of ​​creating Latecore was born in the process of developing software for unique medical equipment.
Technical Manager Vladimir Fedorov brought together experts in the field of programming to work on the order of the Institute of Applied Physics under the Ministry of Science of Ukraine.
The backbone of our current team worked on the creation of a “dermatoscope” – an apparatus that scans the skin of a person and determines the possibility of cancer by hundreds of parameters.
The team worked so harmoniously and productively that we decided to continue working on other projects.
Later, experts from the field of marketing and management joined us.

Volodymyr Fedorov
Team Lead
Boris Hlazman
Head of frontend
Evgeniy Stookal
Head of backend
Julia Kushnir
Сontent manager
Ivan Pronchenkov
Product manager

Vitaliy Koval

Elena Gulieva
Valeriy Stookal
Project Manager